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  • SCAMMER ALERT: Adias Commercial Shoot with Annie Leibovitz Photography. If you receive an email request to work on this 'Adias' commercial, note that this is Scammer who is impersonating Annie Leibovitz. When you reply to the project offer, they will respond with instructions to provide your complete personal data including banking info. They will claim that you will be paid a $500 'advance' plus additional monies toward purchase of wardrobe/studio space bookings. This is where the scam comes in: If you comply by providing that data, they will send you a legitimate-looking check for HUNDREDS more than the amount specified.¬†They'll instruct you to deposit their check and Wire transfer back the over payment. WIRES Transfers are NON-Reversible! And, their fraudulent check Will BOUNCE. This is a very sophisticated scam. They use legitimate professionals and/or systems as their front (last year multiple scams like this came in from them searching out talent on Do your due diligence on any job that sounds to good to be true. I'm wishing everyone a successful New Year!
  • Happy 2020 ! #followyourdreams
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